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Head – Smashed - In Buffalo Jump Tour

The ‘Old West’ isn’t dead and gone; it’s alive and well in Alberta.

This tour through pristine foothills and ranch country of southern Alberta provide you with a wonderful taste of Alberta’s native and western cultures. The unspoiled splendor of the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains south of Calgary provide the setting for some of the most scenic and historic ranches in Western Canada. A very scenic drive between the Livingstone Range of the Rocky Mountains and the Porcupine Hills provides a first-hand look at unspoiled landscapes as they were when the Blackfoot Nation roamed free and the ranchers grazed and herded their cattle over the vast expanses of prairie grasslands in the 1880’s. 

As part of this tour, visitors will experience native culture at its best during a visit to Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’re site guides will be members of the Northern Peigan (Pekuni) Tribe of the Blackfoot Nation. Experience authentic First Nations culture every Wednesday in July and August on the plaza at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump as some of Western Canada’s best First Nations dancers perform to the beat of Blackfoot drumming and singing. Hear stories of how drumming and dancing connect with the ancient buffalo hunting culture. Tour the renowned interpretive center and enjoy a short guided or self-guided walk to view the buffalo jump from a buffalo’s (last) point of view.

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Tour Starts at:
8:00 AM

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Tour duration approximately 8 hours        

$135 per person + GST
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(Minimum 2 people\tour)

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